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Student Difficulties with Superposition of Mechanical Waves

The following talk was given at the regional meeting of the SEPA/Del/MD chapters of the American Association of Physics Teachers. The regional meeting was held in York, PA, on 2 March 96. The slides of the presentation are presented without commentary as .gif files. Anyone interested in getting more information about this topic should please contact me.


Identifying and Addressing Student Difficulties with Mechanical Waves

Michael C. Wittmann, Edward F. Redish, Richard Steinberg, Department of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-4111. (for more information contact: wittmann@umit.maine.edu)

The Physics Education Research Group at the University of Maryland has been conducting research of student understanding in physics. We have investigated student understanding of mechanical waves in our calculus-based physics courses. Our methods include the analysis of free response conceptual questions, examination questions, and interviews with the students. Examples of our results include student difficulties with the speed of waves and with superposition. Based on this research, we have developed new, student centered instructional materials using interactive video tools on the computer.

Slide presentation of talk.